Devlog #14 – Our dramatic return to devlogs

Lost ExplorersSo after dropping off the face of the planet for a couple of weeks you would expect us to have plenty of new things to be excited about!
Well you would be wrong!!

While there have been some exciting things happening for us not much has been happening on the Puzzle Puppets front. We are waiting on the final touches to be made to the final sound track that will be used so have been unable to send the game to Microsoft for certification. We are hoping to change that very soon though, so stay tuned for that update which could be as early as tomorrow.

Matt has kept himself busy by tweaking cut scenes and improving artwork so there are some more costume in the game that otherwise wouldn’t have been there on release which is brilliant.

I have started trying to learn to use Unity3D so that I can start trying to get Puzzle Puppets working on Android and eventually iOS. I also briefly explored another option (Mono for Android) that I had hoped would speed up the process but something appeared to be wrong or incompatible between Puzzle Puppets and Mono and would result in a crash before even rendering the loading screen. I may have another look into what went wrong in the coming week as I have had to install a fresh copy of Windows on my computer since then to fix some other unrelated issues which could make all the difference.

I know that a few people who are familiar with Unity3D occasionally read our devlogs, if any of you know any good resources for getting started with Unity when coming from a programming background please feel free to let me know in the comments or via email. At the moment I am struggling to figure out how to change all of the existing code I have to work with “the Unity way of doing things” 😛

Some fairly exciting news for us is that we had Puzzle Puppets judged for Freeplay 2012 in Melbourne. While we weren’t fortunate enough to win any of the categories that we entered into; Puzzle Puppets was named as a Highly Commended title for the Best Art in a Game award which we were both quite chuffed with.

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