Release Update

An update about the release date. Things have progressed very well. All the stuff we really wanted to fix and improve upon is at a stage where we are happy enough to send it off to the public. However some music we originally were going to use is something we leagally cant so we have chatted with our resident musician man to see if he can muster something together at such short notice. He has been fantastic with everything hes done so far so we are in great hands.

So in the mean time Azza will start to look at the process to be able to port it to other devices and I’ll work on the first content pack and get together the other various marketing stuff that needs to be done. Once we grab the track we will send it off and continue working on getting Puzzle Puppets to as many people as possible.

It is coming soon and we totally aren’t pretending to have a game and stringing you along at all. We will keep you posted on anything exciting that happens, until then, enjoy the weekend!

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