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Puzzle Puppets Release (For Reals)

It’s official, both versions (Windows Phone 7 and 8) of Puzzle Puppets are live on the Windows Marketplace!

There is even a trial version available, so tell everyone you know with a Windows Phone to check it out!


Puzzle Puppets Release


Due to some app store complications the Windows Phone 8 version has not gone live but we have chatted with Microsoft to fix the error. Unfortunately it may be a few days before this is fixed. We are sorry you cant get that version, however Windows Phone 7 users can still enjoy Puzzle Puppets.

We will update you all once the Windows Phone 8 version goes live.


Well wombats, it’s finally happening!

Puzzle Puppets is finally released and on the Windows Phone Store!


Matt and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this possible, they know who they are 😉

Expect more updates from us in the near future.

In the mean time here is the Windows Phone Store link:

Windows Phone Store Link


We hope you enjoy Puzzle Puppets and look forward to the upcoming content update we have planned.


Happy Xmas and a Merry New Year!

The year is coming to a close. What a fantastic year it has been! So much has happened but we are looking forward even more to the possibilities of what 2013 will bring for Byte Sized Wombat. This will be our last post for the year as Christmas is a busy time to enjoy and spend time with family and friends. We will catch you all again in the new year with lots more exciting stuff about Puzzle Puppets. We will leave you though with some excellent news we got, we are successful in our application for the Film Victoria Marketing Funding so yay us!

Till next year we all hope you have a wicked holiday, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Aaron and Matt!

Good News Everyone!

A video devlog is happening tomorrow!

Website sorted

After a couple of days of stuffing around is up and running and in a presentable state.

It’s Alive

Byte sized wombat is now a legit business!

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