Devlog #5

Hello again, time for another blog post to tell you whats been happening with us and Puzzle Puppets. iFest was fantastic, we had a great day meeting all the other indie guys from Melbourne, we got lots of feedback and people had a fun time playing our game which is always a good sign. I’ll tell you some of the note worthy things that happened that day:

  • We looked incredibly dashing in our t-shirts
  • An iFest judge said our game us “strangely addictive”
  • Being stuck in a corner behind a pole with no room to move makes it hard to grab people to play your game :\
  • We got more votes for our game then we thought we would so yay us
  • Everyone was very polite and gave great feedback
  • The kids picked up the game faster then most of the older gamers
  • Open bars are delicious, apple crumbles and chilli shots all round
  • The Melbourne indie guys are a good bunch of blokes

Well the week after iFest was more of a lazy week hence the no devblog for that Friday. We ended up working on some of the business side of running an indie company and trying to sort out funding and accounting stuff. We also tried to catch up on some games we haven’t played. For people wanting to make games, playing all sorts of games is a very good idea as you can learn something from every single one.

So what have we been up to this week working on the game you say? Currently Aaron is implementing the cut-scenes in the game. We always wanted some sort of story to help reward you for progressing through the levels and so Aaron has been working on making that happen. We had wanted to update the interface since we had moved further from the old idea and iFest was the last straw. The game looked less inviting and not as colourful as you would want for this cheerful puppet show and so I’ve been chipping away at the menu to make it look more pleasing and fun. The other reasons for the interface change is to also make certain aspects stand out more because players didn’t pay much attention to it during their demo.

Enjoy the weekend and once we have the new interface up we will post a video so you can see some puppet fighting action.


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