Devlog #4

This will be a short update as we are still busy preparing for iFest tommorow. If you live in Melbourne, Australia feel free to come to the State Library opposite Melboourne Central Station and come play a whole bunch of indie games and listen to people in the industry talk about various subjects.

Check out iFest for more details.

If you do come down to see us you will be able to play our game on either of our 2 laptops or the phone itself. You will be able to chat and ask questions all through the day so dont be shy.

There was a lot of polish this week, taking debug and testing cases out of the game. We added more particles and sound effects so there should be more feedback then ever in the game.

Well sorry about the short blog post but we do aim at making some sort of gameplay video very soon so you can see the game in action. We hope to see some of you this weekend.

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