Devlog #17 – Yaaarrrrr

There’s not too much exciting stuff going on at Byte Sized Wombat. We have sent in our request for funding to help market the game and are anxiously waiting to hear back in the hopes we get selected for the interview process but we probably wont hear back for at least another week. Azza is still plugging away at the port, learning lots of cool stuff with unity and im fairly sure hes enjoying himself. Here’s some small stuff I’ve been working on for concepts of the Pirate themed enemies and clothing.


 For this blog post I was actually going to show you some of the history of Puzzle Puppets and how we have come to where we are now, but when I decided to get the information together I knew I wouldn’t get it done in time. So I will save that for next week so you can see how the idea has evolved and see how we have gotten more experienced by making it.

Oh yeah I was going to attach a picture of the game so you guys dont forget what it looks like, so here is me as a ninja.



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